The XXII International Exhibition "Woodworking - 2019" was held in Lviv on 14-17 May 2019. The exhibition showcased a variety of equipment and tools for wood processing and furniture production, leading techniques and technologies used in the Ukrainian and global forestry industry, equipment for wood drying chambers, the latest software systems for automating the manufacturing of Ukrainian and foreign furniture, and much more for the timber processing, furniture and woodworking industries.

The exhibition featured a new line of wood moisture meters by the Ukrainian brand METRINCO - a professional wood moisture meter M110W and a professional microwave moisture meter for wood and building materials METRINCO M120W. These devices are of great interest to Ukrainian and foreign professionals in the forestry and woodworking industries.

The METRINCO M110W moisture tester is based on the dielcometric measurement method. The measuring range of the device is 0...40 %. Features include high accuracy and an error of ±1.5 %. For ease of use, all types of wood are divided into five groups depending on their density and are displayed in the menu in Ukrainian.

The METRINCO M120W wood and building materials moisture tester also attracted the attention of visitors.

The device is specially designed to quickly and accurately determine the moisture content of building materials (expanded clay, tiles, concrete, bricks, sand, screed, plaster, etc.) and various wood.

The specially shaped spring sensor of the device provides moisture measurement of materials with uneven or rough surfaces.

The advantages of the moisture tester are an extended measuring range (0...80 %) and high accuracy (1.8 %). A high-quality ABS plastic case with a protective silicone cover and a Ukrainian-language menu make the device easy to use.

A new product for 2019, the METRINCO M141W portable hammerwood moisture tester, was also presented at the exhibition. This is a conductometric moisture tester that quickly and accurately determines the moisture content of wood (coniferous and deciduous species), sawdust and other raw materials.

The advantages of the device include a significantly expanded measuring range (4...140 %) depending on the material group and high accuracy (0.5 %).

The built-in infrared sensor for temperature compensation of the hammer (impact) type made of steel and durable plastic with insulated needles 30 mm long (optionally 150 mm) allows you to determine the moisture content of material samples at a certain depth.

METRINCO moisture meters developed in Ukraine have a modern and convenient design, warranty and post-warranty service. In accordance with the main customer criterion of "price - quality", METRINCO moisture meters have confidently occupied their niche in the market of instruments for the woodworking industry.