The METRINCO grain moisture meters line has been expanded with the METRINCO M150G (35 cm probe) and METRINCO M150GL (58 cm probe).

The devices determine the moisture content of up to 80% and the temperature of various grains with an accuracy of ±0.5%. Stable performance and high measurement accuracy of the devices are ensured by the dielcometric measurement method, and the availability of 35 cm and 58 cm probes, respectively, allows for monitoring at different depths.

When using these moisture meters, there is no need to press the grain, which reduces the time required to determine the moisture content and reduces wear and tear on the device components. To measure the moisture in the grain, you need to immerse the probe in the sample and wait for the readings to appear on the display. The active sensor zone at the end of the probe ensures stable accuracy of measurement of the required grain parameters.

The devices are widely used for systematic control and monitoring of moisture content during the acceptance and storage of sunflower, wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed, oats, soybeans, buckwheat, and peas.

METRINCO M150G and M150GL moisture meters are developed in Ukraine, so you will not have any problems with technical support and warranty service.