Meet the new development of our engineers - the METRINCO M151SD professional sawdust and wood chip moisture meter.

The device is designed to measure the moisture content and temperature of wood materials (such as sawdust, wood chips, wood chips, wood shavings, etc.). The moisture tester is portable, compact and has a simple, intuitive interface. The dielcometric measurement method provides almost instantaneous measurement results with an accuracy of ±1 % moisture content.

The METRINCO M151SD moisture meter is easy and reliable to use. It can be set up very specifically by selecting one of three sawdust wood groups to obtain the most accurate results. The 35 cm probe length allows you to monitor the moisture content of materials at different depths. The backlit digital display provides an accurate and clear reading of the measurement results even in low light conditions.

Thanks to its fast measurement speed, this moisture meter can be used in technical process control, in production lines, during the acceptance and storage of raw materials, etc. The high accuracy of the device has been confirmed in the laboratory and in practice.

The METRINCO M151SD moisture tester will help you save time and money by monitoring the dryness of wood materials and prevent deterioration and rot caused by humidity during storage.