Scientific and Service Company "Otava" offers a modern portable dosimeter R600UA under its own brand "METRINCO" for operational monitoring of X-ray, gamma and beta radiation. 

The energy-compensated Geiger-Muller counter, which the device is equipped with, has a wide range and high measurement accuracy. The R600UA dosimeter has a modern 32-bit microprocessor system that provides fast processing of measurement results, a large graphic LCD display with backlight for easy reading of measurement readings and a built-in alarm with adjustable threshold.

Convenience and reliability of the device in the field or at home are ensured by its ergonomic design, compact dimensions and intuitive Ukrainian-language and English interface.

The internal memory of the dosimeter stores the results of the accumulated dose value and dose thresholds, which are not lost after the device is powered off. Additional built-in functions and the ability to operate the device from batteries or a USB connector allow even beginners to use the device correctly.

The METRINCO R600UA radiation meter will provide reliable monitoring of hazardous radiation in domestic premises and industrial facilities.