Scientific and Service Company "Otava" presents a new product in the line of measuring instruments - grain moisture meter METRINCO M130G. The device is designed for quick and accurate measurement of the moisture content of such grain crops as sunflower, wheat, barley, and corn. The METRINCO M130G is based on the dielcometric measurement method, which ensures high sensitivity and accuracy of the device.

The METRINCO M130G grain moisture tester has a number of advantages. It does not require grain pressing, which significantly reduces the measurement time and does not lead to wear of rubbing parts, such as the lid and cup of the measuring chamber.

To determine the moisture content of the grain, it is enough to completely immerse the paddle-shaped sensor in the grain and wait for the measurement result to appear on the device screen.

Due to its fast measurement speed, the METRINCO M130G moisture analyzer can be used in technical process control, in production lines, during raw material acceptance, etc. The high accuracy of the device has been confirmed in the laboratory and in practice.

The device is manufactured in Ukraine, which greatly simplifies obtaining technical support, service and free firmware updates (grain count) from the manufacturer.

Unlike other moisture meters on the Ukrainian market, the Metrinco M130G grain moisture meter allows you to determine a large number of samples at high speed, while maintaining the accuracy of "slow" moisture meters with covers. The only condition for successful use of the moisture meter is the availability of a sufficient amount of sample for measurement.