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Brand  Metrinco
Producer Code (MPN)  M150GL
Purpose of the device  Grain Moisture Meter
The principle of measurement  Dielcometric (non-destructive)
Moisture measurement range  0% - 80% (depending on the crop)
Accuracy  ±0,5%
Scanning depth (mm)  50
Length of the probe (mm)  580
Available menu languages  Ukrainian, English
Power supply  AAA batteries (3 pcs.)
Country of origin  Ukraine
Delivery set  grain moisture meter, probe with integrated thermometer, protective cover, carrying case, users manual
Warranty period, month  24

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24 month warranty

Grain moisture meter with thermometer (probe 58 cm) METRINCO M150GL

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Grain moisture meter METRINCO M150GL is designed for fast and accurate measurement of moisture content and temperature of grain crops - sunflower, wheat, barley, corn, rape, oats, soybeans, buckwheat, peas.

The moisture tester is based on the dielcometric measurement method, which ensures high sensitivity and accuracy of the device, and the considerable length of the probe allows you to make measurements at different depths of the material.

Features and advantages of the METRINCO M150GL grain moisture tester:

  • The METRINCO M150GL moisture tester does not require grain pressing, which significantly reduces measurement time and does not cause wear and tear on rubbing parts such as the measuring chamber lid and cup.
  • The dielcometric measurement method ensures an accuracy of no more than 0.5 % moisture content.
  • The active zone of the sensor is located at the end of the probe, which means that the moisture content and temperature of the grain can be determined at a specific depth.
  • In addition to grain moisture content, METRINCO M150GL also measures grain temperature.
  • To make a measurement, simply immerse the spear-shaped probe completely in the sample and wait for the measurement result to appear on the screen.
  • Thanks to its fast measurement speed, this moisture tester can be used in process control, in production lines, during grain receiving and storage, etc. The high accuracy of the device has been confirmed in the laboratory and in practice.
  • Due to the length of the probe's working part, it is possible to monitor grain moisture at a depth of up to 58 cm (for the METRINCO M150G model - up to 35 cm).

How to measure grain moisture?

All you need to do is switch on the METRINCO M150GL grain moisture tester, select the required crop in the device menu and immerse it in a container with the grain to be measured (for example, a bowl, bucket, car bulk, etc.).

How do I get the best results in terms of measurement accuracy?

We recommend measuring the samples in non-metallic containers or keeping a minimum distance of 5 cm between the sensor and the container wall.

Why choose METRINCO M150GL?

Unlike other similar devices on the Ukrainian market, the METRINCO M150GL grain moisture tester allows you to make a large number of measurements at high speed at different depths, while maintaining the accuracy of "slow" moisture meters with lids. The only prerequisite for successful use of the moisture meter is the availability of a sufficient amount of sample for measurement.

Technical characteristics

  • Measurement method: dielcometric, non-destructive
  • Measuring range of moisture content: 0-80 % (depending on the type of grain)
  • Number of grain crops: 9 (sunflower, wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed, oats, soya, buckwheat, peas)
  • Temperature measuring range:  0-80 ⁰С
  • Accuracy: ±0,5 %
  • Resolution: 0,1 %
  • Length of the measuring part of the probe: 58 cm
  • Penetration of the high-frequency radiation field: 50 mm
  • Operating conditions: 0 ~ 60 ⁰С, 0-90 % relative humidity
  • Power supply: 3 1.5 V AAA batteries
  • Dimensions: 115x68x25 mm
  • Weight: 140 g with batteries
  • Warranty period for the device: 24 months
  • Warranty period for the sensor: 12 months

Package contents of the METRINCO M150GL grain moisture tester: device, silicone protective case for the device body, measuring probe, connection cable. The device is delivered in a cardboard box.

The device is designed and manufactured in Ukraine.

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