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Brand  Metrinco
Producer Code (MPN)  M120W
Purpose of the device  Wood moisture meter, Moisture meter for building materials
The principle of measurement  Dielcometric (non-destructive)
Moisture measurement range  from 0% to 80% for wood; 0% to 99.9% (building materials)
Accuracy  ±1,5%
Scanning depth (mm)  50
Available menu languages  Ukrainian, English
Power supply  AAA batteries (3 pcs.)
Country of origin  Ukraine
Delivery set  moisture meter, protective silicone case, user manual, batteries
Warranty period, month  24

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24 month warranty

Professional moisture meter for wood and building materials METRINCO M120W

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Professional non-destructive moisture meter for wood and building materials METRINCO M120W.

It is designed for fast and accurate measurement of wood moisture, including lumber, treated and untreated timber, as well as building materials - concrete, screed, cinder block, plaster, tiles, bricks, sand, etc.

It is the most popular universal moisture meter in our range. Thanks to a special spring sensor, the device can measure the moisture content of materials with a rough surface while maintaining high measurement accuracy. The M120W moisture meter can also measure materials under non-conductive surfaces, such as painted or polymer-coated boards, concrete under linoleum, moisture content of materials in PVC bags, etc. 

The moisture meter operates on a dielcometric principle.

To make a measurement, you need to attach the sensor plates of the device to the object of measurement and wait for the device to stabilise.

Features of the Metrinco M120W moisture tester:

  • wide measuring range: 0...80 % depending on the material group
  • high accuracy of the device: 1,5 %.
  • number of wood groups - 5
  • number of groups of building materials - 6
  • English language menu, easy search for the required wood group
  • high-quality ABS plastic case with a protective silicone (rubber) cover
    screen backlight
  • the presence of a spring sensor makes it possible to measure the humidity of materials with an uneven or rough surface with high accuracy
  • penetration of the high-frequency radiation field: 50 mm
  • operating conditions: 0~60 °C, 0-90 % relative humidity
  • power supply: 3 x 1.5 V AAA batteriee

How to use METRINCO M120W moisture meter? 

1. Press the POWER key to switch on the device.

2. Press the SET key to enter the material group selection mode. Use the up (HOLD) and down (LIGHT) arrows to scroll through the list of material groups until you select the desired one. Press the SET key again to confirm the material group selection. The instrument is now ready for measurement. 

3. To perform the measurement, place the sensor plates on the sample. Wait until the moisture meter readings stabilise and read the value on the device screen.

Attention: if the sample moisture content is higher than the upper limit of the moisture range for a particular material group, the device will display the upper value of the range for this material group during the measurement. For example, when measuring the moisture content of a screed (BM3 group), the value on the screen is 7.5%, and when measured at other points of the screed it is still 7.5%, this means that the moisture content of this screed is higher than the upper limit of the range for this group (7.5% for BM3 group).

Table of groups of materials for METRINCO M120W moisture meter







aspen, cedar



pine, walnut tree, spruce, poplar, linden, alder



cherry tree, birch, maple, pear tree, elm



yew, beech, acacia, oak



ash, hornbeam, evergreen oak


Building materials

BМ 0

plasterboard, fibreboard

BМ 1

cinder block, cinder concrete

BМ 2

plaster, wall tiles, bricks

BМ 3

anhydride cement, sand-cement screed, slag, asbestos, sand

BМ 4

concrete, cement screed

BМ 5


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Нарікань не маю, хороший прилад, універсальний - і під столярку, і під дрова якщо треба. Рекомендую.
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